Scientific Work of the Department


Fundamental and Applied Researches in Mathematics


Assoc. Prof. Fastovska T. B., Assoc. Prof. Hadetska S. V., Senior Lecturer Moroz I І.

I. - Study of asymptotic behavior of solutions of systems of differential equations of interaction of liquid and elastic bodies, the results of which can be applied in development of composite materials with specified properties; - Development of statistical methods of object recognition, in the future can be introduced into the operation of observation systems in transport and customs control in order to improve the quality of service. Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor T. B. Fastovska explores the issue of existence, singularity and qualitative behavior of solutions of differential and integral-differential equations describing thermo elastic processes in thin plates.

II. Scientific researches in the field of pedagogy in the context of a competent paradigm of education

Assoc. Prof. Yarkho T. O., Assoc. Prof. Yemelianova T. V., Assoc. Prof. Ptashnyi O. D., Assoc. Prof. Rychkova L. V., Assoc. Prof. Bobrytska H. S., Assoc. Prof. Klimova I. M., Senior Lecturer Nesterenko V. O. 

The Department of Higher Mathematics identifies 3 areas of students' scientific work under the teachers’ guidance:

1. Scientific and pedagogical activity of outstanding scientists in the field of basic research;

2. Modern mathematical and methodological approaches in the study of natural and mathematical disciplines;

3. Fundamental bases for solving professional-applied problems.