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Self-knowledge is the beginning of human wisdom.

The course of philosophy and pedagogy increases the level of students, develops their skills of logical thinking, public speaking, preparation and writing of scientific works.

The priority direction of development of the department is formation of personnel of higher qualification (postgraduate, doctoral). Knowledge in the field of philosophy, pedagogy and psychology today is needed by every individual of civilized society, and therefore the scientific potential of the department is aimed at the development of new courses and special courses for students of engineering and pedagogical specialty, students of technical and economic specialties in order to make them as competitive in the labor market as possible. In addition, on the initiative of leading specialists of the Department, a number of remote courses have been developed.

Professional training of teaching engineers is carried out by studying the block of psychological-pedagogical and humanities disciplines: "Introduction to the specialty", "Psychology", "Pedagogy of higher education", "Philosophy", "Political science", "Ethics and aesthetics", "Sociology" , "Psychology of higher education", "Age and pedagogical psychology", "Labour psychology", "Pedagogy of distance learning", "Professional pedagogy", "Social pedagogy", "Rhetoric", "Methods of vocational training" and others.

Teachers of the department develop and introduce innovative pedagogical technologies. Knowledge of philosophy, pedagogy, psychology and political science allows university graduates better realize themselves in their profession.

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