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Of all the systems that people have to deal with on a daily basis, the most dangerous is road transport. Every year, more than 1.2 million people are killed in road accidents worldwide, 20-50 million are injured, equal to the total population of five major cities, with a global loss of $ 518 billion. The situation in this area is characterized as a global crisis.

Professional educational program "Organization and regulation of traffic" - the program, which provides training for students of the Department of Organization and Road Safety. The preparation of bachelors and masters is carried out in the specialty 275 "Transport technologies" since 1995.

Processing the results of a road safety audit You will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • road safety audit;
  • research of problems of transport systems of metropolitan areas;
  • development of computer-aided design and operation of transport systems;
  • traffic safety and pedestrian traffic safety assessment;
  • optimization and forecasting of traffic flows;
  • design and reconstruction of transport networks;
  • development of new environmentally friendly transport technologies;
  • assessment of conditions and consequences of road accident;
  • development of methods of designing and reconstruction of transport networks;
  • study of the influence of the functional state of drivers on the parameters of traffic.

Modern city and problems of transport service

Currently, the solution to the problem of designing traffic management systems is relevant and relevant in the national development and international status of the country. In the context of accelerated rates of motorization, high traffic intensity, the problem of road safety becomes especially acute. Systematic traffic management in the city In planning and analysis, it is unthinkable to do without a modeling tool, especially when it comes to traffic planning. Specialized PTV Vision VISSIM and PTV Vision VISSUM software from the German company PTV Vision was purchased to train students in this area. Computer simulation and testing laboratory Also, the department is equipped with a new, modern Laboratory of technical means of traffic regulation, which has no analogues in Ukraine. Laboratory of technical means of traffic regulation Modern software and laboratory base of the department allows students to be educated as close as possible to the real conditions of modern centers of Automated Traffic Management Systems (ACADR) of large cities. Workplace of the operator of the center of the automated traffic management system Thus, on the basis of the department of traffic organization and safety, there are all the conditions not only for the execution of engineering works, but also provided an opportunity for young professionals - students and graduate students - to successfully complete the learning process.

Graduates of the department of traffic organization and safety

A specialist in the organization and regulation of traffic can work:

  • in the services of traffic organization and management in cities and towns;
  • in city design institutes and technological bureaus; in transport departments of executive authorities;
  • traffic police services;
  • in transport departments and departments of complex transport units (cargo stations, ports, terminals, etc.);
  • in the transport departments of corporations, corporations and enterprises that arrange transport support for the movement of goods, as well as in the enterprises of the road complex for the organization of their activity in the field of traffic;
  • their regional forensic centers; in insurance companies that provide compulsory motor third party liability insurance and voluntary vehicle insurance;
  • in private firms and institutions providing services on independent road accident expertise;
  • in training enterprises for the preparation of drivers of motor vehicles;
  • in the services of traffic safety of motor transport enterprises;
  • in the enterprises to control the technical condition of motor vehicles;
  • in showrooms;
  • in transport inspections (city executive committees or regional executive committees, customs service);
  • in the departments of road safety and traffic organization at al levels.




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Gennadiy G. Ptytsa


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The department is located in the main building of the KhNAHU on the 5th floor in the left side, rooms 519 and 524.

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