Educational activity

The Department of Traffic Organization and Safety is the leading graduating department of KhNAHU.

The department trains specialists in the specialty 275 "Transport Technologies (of automobile transport)" of educational and qualification levels "Bachelor", "Master" and "Doctor of Philosophy".

Cources prepared by highly qualified teachers who have extensive experience in production and research.

The department cooperates with specialized enterprises and organizations for training and production practice and further employment of students, in particular, there are agreements with theВнешняя ссылка открывается в новом окне Department of Preventive Activities of the National Police in Kharkiv, PE "Внешняя ссылка открывается в новом окнеStrum-Service" Kharkiv, departments of SE Внешняя ссылка открывается в новом окне"Kharkiv oblavtodor" SJSC "Highways of Ukraine".

At the department there is a student's scientific club leaded by prof. Abramova L.S., where students make up the tips of scientific activity.

Опитування щодо вибіркових дисциплін спеціальності 275 Транспортні технології (на автомобільному транспорті) (Т)

List of cources of the department

Cource Lectors Level Specialty
Road trfaffic rules, prof. Alex Stepanov Bachelor 275 – Transport technologies
Transport (general cource) PhD, docent Helen Zaporozhtseva Bachelor 275 – Transport technologies
Road traffic safety doc.tesh.sci., prof. John Nahliuk Bachelor 274 – Automobile transport
Transport planning of cities PhD, docent Gennady Ptitsa Bachelor 275 – Transport technologies
Road traffic safety and organisation PhD, docent Olga Kholodova Bachelor 275 – Transport technologies
Scientific and research work for students, prof. Alex Stepanov, PhD, docent Anatoly Bazhinov Bachelor 275 – Transport technologies
Road traffic safety audit PhD, docent Serg Kapinus Master 275 – Transport technologies
Psychophysiology at the transport, prof. Alex Stepanov Master 275 – Transport technologies
Automated traffic control systems, prof. Lucy Abramova Master 275 – Transport technologies
Scientific research methods PhD, docent. Valery Shirin Master 275 – Transport technologies
Deterministic analysis of road accidents PhD, docent Alexander Ryabushenko Master 275 – Transport technologies
Methods of the road network elements designing PhD, docent Serg Kapinus Master 275 – Transport technologies
Special methods of road traffic organization PhD, docent Nataly Semchenko Master 275 – Transport technologies
Road traffic management, prof. John Nahliuk PhD 275 – Transport technologies
Road traffic safety audit, prof. Lucy Abramova PhD 275 – Transport technologies

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