Characteristics of educational and laboratory base


Total area of educational and laboratory facilities is 2720 sq. m.  To train specialists in the specialty used:

  • traffic safety cabinet of 50 sq. m., equipped with the necessary materials and technical means for educational purpose; 
  • the transport laboratory, with an area of 120 sq. m. has three compartments, equipped with modern diagnostic equipment;
  • the laboratory of ergonomic design, with an area of 36 sq. m. has the unique equipment for studying the psycho-physiological functions of drivers;
  • a training laboratory for road design, with an area 24 sq. m. equipped with a video complex for the study of traffic on the roads.

One student has a study area of 12 square meters, which meets the requirements of accreditation. Agreements on cooperation with transport enterprises and organizations of Kharkiv for the passing of practices were concluded.
These enterprises and organizations create the necessary conditions for students who undergo industrial practice, allocate material and technical base and experienced specialists to guide the practice, provide students with the necessary design and technical documentation, provide training for students at workplaces, participate in the design of educational and laboratory facilities university by transferring the necessary equipment and other equipment.

The Department of Road Safety and Organization has organized a safety training system for laboratory work. The laboratories have approved safety regulations. The department is equipped with fire extinguishing methods. Occupational injuries and violations have not been reported. The total number of computer classes used for training - 2. The number of personal computers is 18 units. In addition, our students may also use the university's computer center.

The graduating department of traffic organization and safety also has a research laboratory for the study of technical means of traffic organization. This lab has 5 equipped workstations, as well as state-of-the-art traffic light controllers, a traffic light head and stands with mock-ups with the traffic light objects that these controllers operate.

The department cooperates with profile enterprises and organizations on carrying out educational-production practice and further employment of students, in particular, there are agreements:  Department of Preventive Activities of the Main National Police in Kharkiv,  private enterprise " Strum-service"  in Kharkiv, units of the SE "Kharkiv Oblavtodor" SAC "Highways of Ukraine".

The department operates a scientific circle under the guidance of the doc. tech. Sciences, Assoc. Alex V. Stepanov, where students acquire research skills.

Computers, equipment and software

Room Cources Computer equipment Software Internet access Перелік обладнання, устаткування, кількість
Specialized room for road traffic light equipment, room 523 (46,7 sq. m.) Methods of road network elements designing, Traffic planning of cities, Special methods of road traffic organisation «Pentium 4» PC - 3. Core-i3 - 2 Software: Microsoft Office 2010, MS Excel, VISUM(400TP) , VISSIM (10x10), Комкон-СПОД, Комкон-АСУД Software made by our department: Ro_net, Green, Routing, Mercs Yes. By KhNAHU LAN using Ethernet technology Traffic light controllers «Комкон-КДК» – 3. Mnemoscheme – 3. Traffic light (for transport) – 1. Programmer device – 4 од.
Computer classroom, room 518 (38,6 sq. m.) Road traffic rules, Road traffic organisation and safety, Psychopsysiology at the transport Different types of PC from «Pentium-3» to «Pentium 4» - 12. Software: Microsoft Office 2010, MS Excel. Software made by our department: Ro_net, Green, Routing Yes, by KhNAHU LAN using Ethernet technology Device for human reaction time measuring – 1.

The equipment of road traffic conrol laboratory (room 523)

Modern software for road traffic modelling

To increase the competitiveness of KhNAHU in the market of research services of Ukraine in the field of improving the efficiency of urban transport systems in 2010 the university decided to purchase modern software for transport planning and modeling of urban areas from the German company PTV Vision (We purchased a commercial licensed version). The PTV Vision software package includes tools for transport network planning at all levels, from a simple intersection or several adjacent intersections (VISSIM) to a transport network of the whole city, region or even country (VISUM). The software allows to model city intersections of any complexity and type of regulation, to analyze throughput of transport systems and to test schemes of transit priorities. The package allows you to control alternative route control systems and traffic control (traffic flow intensity), analyze parking capacity and simulate the flow of different vehicles with intersections, transfers at different levels (bus route, railway, subway, escalator, etc.).

Students and graduate students studying at the Department have a unique opportunity to use in the educational process and research work this specialized software package: both commercial and student versions. Student versions are constantly updated, currently relevant are VISSIM 10 and VISUM 18. Using the VISUM package, students perform practical and course work in the disciplines "Methods of Scientific researchs" and "Urban Transport Planning". In turn, the VISSIM software package is used in the cources "Methods of designing road network elements" and "Road safety audit".

Licensed software КОМКОН-СПОД for traffic light controlling

Self-made software GREEN for road traffic control lights "green wave" designing


The department is located in the main building of the KhNADU on the 5th floor at the left side, 519 and 524 room.

Phone +38 (057) 707-37-06