Material base of the department

The Department of Transport Systems and Logistics pays much attention to scientific work. A package of software products from PTV Vision was purchased. Some of the software products is Visum and Vissim.

The VISUM program offers the opportunity to:

- model public and individual transport networks;

- model population movements;

- analyze transport and passenger flows;

- plan transport systems development

VISUM is successfully used by the department to develop custom projects by third parties. Students of the specialty Transport Systems are involved in the implementation of such works.

Modeling with Vissim software enables:

- To carry out experiments that cannot be carried out on real road networks;

- To predict and analyze various situations that may occur in the future but have not yet been encountered in practice;

- Analyze long-term phenomena and processes in a short period of time;

- Obtain certain results with minimal costs compared to the performance of natural experiments.

Students of our department become active users of this program, constantly improve their skills in modeling transport processes at the micro level These software products are used by students of the department to perform qualification works and diploma works.





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